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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Manual Galleries - Our manuals are categorized first as Farmall or OEM, and then as General, Implement (including the tractor,) Parts, or Service publications.  Select your category (eg. Farmall | Parts), and visually locate your manual in that collection, then click on its image or name.  Once selected, each manual's pages will appear as a gallery of "thumbnails"; use them to zero in visually on a page or section then click it to zoom to full size.

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Balanced Farm Power and Quick-Change Implement Units 


Cub and Cub Implements 


Farming With The Farmall Cub 


IH 1961 Farmers Catalogue 


IH mid-1960s Cub Lo-Boy and Cub Tractor Brochure 


Belt Pulley and Power Take-Off Attachments 


C-2 Rotary Mower 


C-3 Rotary Mower 


Cub-144 Cultivator 


Cub-151 Disc Plow 


Cub-152 Disc Plow 


Cub-174 Runner Planter 


Cub-189 Moldboard Plow 


Cub-193 Moldboard Plow 


Cub-22 Mower 


Cub-23A Disc Harrow 


Cub-252 Cultivator 


Cub-3 Spring Tooth Field Cultivator 


Cub-6 Tool Bar-Rear 


Cub-F11 Two-Way Moldboard Plow 


Cub-L-F194 Moldboard Plow 


Cub-L38 Disc Harrow-1966 


Cub-L38 Disc Harrow 


Cub Owners Manual-1950 


Cub Two-Wheel Farm Trailer 


IH-1000 Operators Manual 


International 22 Cub-22 and L-22 Mowers 


No-100 Manure Spreader-1948 


No-100 Manure Spreader-1950 


No-10A Disc Harrow 


Nos-50-T and 50-W Pickup Balers 


Two-Section Spring Tooth Harrow 


144-Cotton and Corn Cultivator 


CBI-1A Revision 12 


Cub-16 One-Row Middle Buster 


Cub-252A Two-Row Beet and Bean Cultivator 


Cub Leveling and Grading Blade 


Cub Parts TC-37A 


Cub Parts TC-37F Rev 3 


Cultivator Tool Bar-Heavy Duty 


Cultivator Tool Bar 28-42 inch Rows 


Cultivator Tool Bar Rear Sections 


Double Tool Bar Rear Section 


FTC-317 Tool Bar Rear Section 


IH-1000 Parts Manual 


Individual Gang Rear Section 


Single Tool Bar Rear Section 


Cub Touch Control Manual 


Cub Transmission Details 


GSS-1007 Engine 


GSS-1008 Specifications 


GSS-1012 Electrical Equipment 


GSS-1013 Engine Lubrication System 


GSS-1016 Cooling System 


GSS-1024 Touch Control 


GSS-1053 Mower Cutter Bars-All Models 


GSS-1356 Engine Tune-up Specifications 


GSS-1411 Service Manual for Cubs and Lo-boy Tractors 


GSS-5035 Service Manual Magnetos 


IH-50 IT Shop Manual 


Preventive Maintenance Manual 


International Wagner 100 Loader 


Mott D9 and D95 Hammer Knife Mower Manual 


Mott Flail Mowers 


Woods 42C-4 Rotary Mower 


Woods 42C-6 Rotary Mower 


Woods 42CF-6 Rotary Mower 


Woods 59-LB Rotary Mower 


Woods 59C-2 Rotary Mower 


Mott D9 Parts List 


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